About Rosemary

Over 20 years consulting with food companies and commodity boards, utilizing current food trends to enhance clients marketing objectives.


  • Nutrition and Food Science Instructor, Diablo Valley College Culinary Arts, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • National Account Sales Manager for Avoset Foods
  • Sales and Merchandising for Rebecca Farms Eggs
  • Member International Association of Culinary Professionals
    • Degree:

      Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California

      Professional Affiliations

      • 2015-16 President San Francisco Professional Food Society (SFPFS), current member
      • 1985 and 2006 President Consumer Business Professionals of San Francisco, current member

"I love the mission of creating an irresistible recipe to enhance product sales. My vision is always to make the next recipe that brings a storm of requests when removed from my clients' packaging or website."

As a test kitchen professional, I create recipes for CPG brands, develop flavor profiles and concepts for new products, and test and write product preparation directions. Trained in recipe development for the home cook, I have worked in test kitchens and R&D facilities of Golden Grain, Kikkoman, Basic American Foods and Safeway.

Every project is a challenge I can't wait to resolve, tailoring my clients' needs with originality and suitability to the marketing objective. Some examples:

  • With current research proving walnuts a source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, The California Walnut Board asked me for main meal and side dish recipes. I updated traditional meatloaf with walnuts and peach salsa for a new version of this timeless recipe. In another savory application, I made Gremolata with walnuts, lemon zest and garlic, a versatile and healthful addition to meats, fish or vegetables. {www.walnuts.org}
  • For Häagen-Dazs® Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream, I produced eye-catching recipes for magazine ads and press releases. Jalapeno Fruit Salsa, and Ginger Fruit Salsa, each with a contrast in hot-cold and sweet-spicy, received some of their best press pick-up ever. Link to the Mayan Chocolate Sundae recipe in my recipe box.
  • A recipe for Dreyer's Frozen Fruit Bars was an interesting request for an item designed to be eaten from the stick. So when I turned the bars into beverages it became a party! A fruit bar "bar" for guests to choose their own flavors of Mojitos Margaritas and Mimosas. Link to the Frozen Fruit Bar Margarita in my recipe box.
  • For Safeway, I tested and wrote preparation directions for frozen tilapia fillets.This included freezer-to-table cooking methods without thawing, for stove-top, oven and grill in 15 minutes or less.

With attention to current trends and consumer appeal, my recipes are trendy, yet not too edgy. I strive for intriguing, without being too unfamiliar or intimidating, and healthful when appropriate to the product or promotion. My approach is 'reality recipes for real cooks' - easily achievable recipes and products, designed to encourage trial and repeat purchase.

I remember as though it were yesterday when my kindergarten teacher said, "Rosemary, you need to play somewhere other than the kitchen or the grocery store." I was devastated. There was nothing else I wanted to do! Now my kitchen and my client's R&D facilities are my playgrounds for recipe and product concept development.